The 4P’s in Marketing


I studied Business in High School, College and obtained my Degree in Business Studies and Management, I enjoy the subject. My family has had their own businesses my whole life so I’ve grown up in an environment of people working for themselves, I also worked from a young age in my father’s store, Pakistanis ūüėČ

There has been an exponential growth of online business activities with more and more people making money online. Either via social media like YouTube, Instagram, Ebay or people self publishing books via Amazon, creating websites and using affiliate links.

The internet has created an opportunity for the masses to create for themselves, have multiple revenue streams and sell to people all over the world. It’s a very different world to my parents and a great opportunity for our generation.

When wanting to make money keep these 4P’s firmly in your mind

1/ Product – What are you selling? What is the Product or Service? It will always come down to a Product or Service to sell I.e. A chef that is hired to cook for functions. A Kindle book? Toys? Cakes? Applying Henna on people? Fitness and nutrition training advise? Remember – WHAT AM I SELLING and how can this benefit others.

2/ Price РWhat is your Price point? Price is one of the most important factors in a customers decision to purchase and one of the things they will consider the most. The seller has to work out profits from Price after costs. Already established brands have higher vantage points in this in comparison to a new brand/Product on the market.

3/¬†Place – Where are you going to be selling the Product? The internet is big business with relatively low-cost compared to establishing a retail store. Even if an actual transaction doesn’t take place the initial place potential customers are engaged and converted is online. A¬† stall at an exhibit? Where’s the location? Are you able to be mobile?

4/ Promotion – Promotion PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE your Product/Work/Self.¬†No one else will do this work for you. Social media is great for this, use the ones you find best for you, create a website and have somewhere where people can have access to you and get a reply. I’m surprised so many people do not have a website for their products/services/work and how poor some of the large companies are I.e. Primark in this day and age. Promotion is¬†communicating the value and benefits of the Product to the customer.

Work on yourself, your craft, your Product. You have something good the people will come, there’s a market for everyone and everything and if there isn’t go create it! Go get em!

This is a comprehensive blog on the basics of the 4P’s, for more in-depth reads search online because understanding the business aspect is imperative in marketing and making money.

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Theory – On the Sexual objectification of Women


I’m on Instagram and when I scroll through the main page all I see is half-naked, scantily clad women selling their bodies and sex, it’s like porn quite literally. Okay not literally but certainly for attention and if they’re getting/trying to get paid via Instagram followship numbers certainly increase the more clothes they take off and the more provocative they look. We all know sex sells big time and it’s everywhere.

It really irritates me, I’m on there for cooking and food, I like looking at animal accounts especially wild animal rescues mainly lions and tigers and purchasing products but a lot of what I see on the main page are half-naked women twerking.

Women love attention it’s like the honeymoon phase feeling in a relationship, at times they prefer it over a relationship because a committed relationship is hard work and a lot of stress, ¬†it’s what sex is to men.

It got me thinking about our current times and this generation and how a lot of women and young girls think and are being groomed into thinking by media that their worth is based on their physical looks and sexuality. Also using their sexuality to get what they want particularly from men instead of using their brain for better than just the physical. Women use sexuality to get love also but that’s another story.

On the flip side men are being manipulated by their weakness for women by companies (and women) selling product with sexy women in the advertisement. It’s a double edge sword and who is really benefiting and winning from all this? Those that are getting what they want? Be it money, fame or those follow their desires completely but call it liberation, freedom or some other noun. Look at the Victoria Secrets show from example (no don’t watch it), the audience is full of men instead of women when it’s a product for women or both..

When I listened to the lecture understanding the rise of feminism, the Shaikh (scholar) stated that three centuries back women in the Muslim world were the teachers of prominent and well know scholars. They played an active role in the shaping of the society especially with the dissemination of knowledge and men had to go to them to gain knowledge. They were the fabric of the society and they participated in these¬†much-needed roles. Of course there are women in very prominent roles but that also comes with them taking on ‘manish’ characteristics at times to be succesful at those roles and again their looks are addressed.

There is a lot of respect you have for a teacher, someone you learn from and effectively someone who shapes your life. I feel like the decline of these prominent roles in the Muslim world and the influence of the western world has led to our current state of these objectification roles for women and what’s worse is the mindset females have for it.

I see ways men talk about women on Twitter. Muslim and non, obviously it’s not 100% reflective of real life and much is banter but some just revere women as something to go to for one thing and that’s sex and sexual satisfaction. Again, a double-edged sword because women are offering this easily and readily so why not, a lot don’t follow the religious guide lines set.

There’s little respect for women, people may say that women are doing this to themselves by the manner in which they’re acting and in part I agree. You don’t want to be this type of woman where people and men look to you as just a sexual object like a piece of meat and flesh. It’s demeaning no matter how rich and famous they get. Would Beyonc√© sell as many records if she didn’t act and look the way she does regardless of talent? No, of course not.

Let’s not do this to ourselves ladies, be more than an offering of physical stimulation for the male eye and discover what you can offer that nobody else can because everyone is unique and everyone has a perspective to share. Let them get to know you for your intellect, your kindness, your humour, your personality etc not just your physical exterior.

Knowledge is Power¬†and your worth is not based upon your looks no matter how many of these wastemen try to convince you that it is. P.s Can any of y’all guess the brand of the shoes in the pic?

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What I learnt from being around an Orthodox Jewish community


My husband was raised for a number of years in an Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood, my in-laws still live there so I visit quite often. From all the communities I’ve been around I’ve learnt the most from this one. I’m going to write down some points of benefit that I’ve learnt.

They hold fast to their religion – No matter what. Their religion is not easy to practise but they follow it without compromise from what I see and they believe in it. They dress a certain way which looks ‘funny’ to others and for a long time in the area have been a target of abuse, (just recently i seen a Polish man driving through the area doing a Nazi salute). They’ve been mugged, physically attacked, bullied but it doesn’t deter them. They don’t change the way they dress, they don’t try to assimilate, they don’t try to change their religion to fit in and appease people, they don’t shy away or hide. Muslims need to learn from this and hold fast to the teachings and commandments of their religion, instead of trying to change it and ourselves to appease people.

Instead, what they do is they look out for each other and take care of one another like a true community. If someone is having a problem they will come to help them. They have set up a security neighbourhood watch which works with the police, it benefits the general community also by deterring crime and anti social behaviour. This is great proactive action.

They financially support each other as a community – A while ago a store was opened in the area selling children’s clothing by an Orthodox Jew. I went in the store, it’s expensive stuff i mean really high prices for what it’s really worth. Ever since it opened it is always busy full of Jewish people. Pay attention they’re clever about this. They keep the money circulating within the community thus raising everyone and are not selfish or jealous and help each other to succeed.

Imagine knowing 100 per cent that when you open a business your own¬†brethren and community will have your back and definitely support you. What kind of confidence, psyche and mindset does this give a person, that you are guaranteed customers. What kind of community relations does this give. Success would be built into your DNA.¬†Heck if the Orthodox Jews were on Twitter they would be the one’s rt’ing and purchasing from each others affiliate links.

Many other communities and people cannot stand to see others succeed, there is a lot of disdain like another person’s success will take something away from them, even if they are already very successful! They don’t want to give a helping hand like someone is taking money directly out of their pocket.

I seen not too long ago some tweets about Habiba Da Silva. She’s a make up artist, YouTuber etc that has been successful and has now started selling scarves. Some Muslims online ranted about the price of the scarves, how it’s overpriced, how they’re not going to be buying them, mocking her, the whole lot. All in all being very jealous and petty about the whole thing, also not forward thinking.

The same type of people will spend over ¬£100 on multiple pairs of Nike trainers, spend money on haram (forbidden) items, have monthly sports and Netflix subscriptions, buy designer gear just because it has a little logo on it at an extortionate price. Paying money towards these corporations but can’t for a minute support their own Muslim community members?? A¬†simple RT would have sufficed if you didn’t want to purchase instead of trying to drag the sister down because they don’t agree with something and others are just being plain old jealous. The Jewish community regardless of the price supported the children’s clothing store. Imagine if we thought like this for a minute as a community.

Helping others succeed is part of our religion as Muslims. We are brothers and sisters and one ummah (community) and the famous hadith tells us that ‘None of you truly believe until you wish for your brother what you wish for yourself’,¬†Bukhari & Muslim. How many of truly feel like this? We need to give to receive, as the saying goes ‘putting¬†holes in another’s boat will not make yours go faster’. So let’s learn something and support each and support my blog too ūüėČ

They know where to spend their money¬†– They have very nice expensive houses and old, damaged cars. Only recently some of them started driving new cars but regular reliable one’s like a Volvo brand. You don’t see them in a flashy Mercedes or Range Rovers and i find this interesting because you know they are successful but choose not to do that, unlike a lot of people who spend monthly on a car and get into debt for the latest flashy car. They’re much less in number in comparison to others but in an area there are a lot of synagogues and they spend towards setting them up and maintaining them.

They are out from dawn til dusk – I always see them out early, being productive. Taking their children here and there for their education or religious learning. They’re working and not wasting time hanging out ever but they do spend a lot of time together as families and a community and they finish late and repeat this daily and this is continuous for years. Success doesn’t come over night and comes with a lot of hours of work.

They get themselves into good positions – Work wise, they’ve done it for themselves. They have educated themselves and put themselves in important positions which has benefited their community like positions in government, top educational institutions, banking, real estate, the diamonds trade, top law firms.

Traditional Families – Men are usually the bread winners and women stay home and raise the children. Not only that they have a lot of children and it is a religious duty as Judaism can only spread by giving birth to the next generation and not conversion and they choose to uphold this religious duty. The children are extremely mature from a young age and are given responsibility from a young age, they looking after siblings, take them to and from school etc..

My husband also thinks they’re brilliant, you cannot help but be impressed if you are honest with yourself and you yourself want to succeed and have good family and community relations and practise your religion. They’re not without fault but I take the good and leave the bad.

God has honoured them because of their values, they support one another, work hard and prioritize education, they keep family ties and good community relations, they commit to their religion. These are commandments from God and irregardless of religion they will be honoured for fulfilling this.

These points of benefit can be taken, adapted and implemented in our own lives for benefit because anytime you see someone successful you want to know how they did that and try to emulate it.

Also, we are an ummah and need unity because their in is where the strength and success lies.

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Spiritual vacuum & social media

twitterI like to write blogs on topics that are playing on my mind,¬†writing about it gets it off my chest¬†and I forget about it,¬†whether¬†topics I see online or I see or experience¬†in my life. Maybe I’m a bit psychoanalytical, I try to understand people and the root cause of things and what makes things the way they are.

I’ve noticed on Twitter, coming across tweets from non-Muslims mainly¬†and maybe Muslims that are not practising or don’t¬†have much of an¬†understanding of Islam,¬†that are interesting, inspirational, motivational, agenda driven, linguistically astute¬†that garner a following from people who are a little lost, let me explain.

In the time of the prophet Muhammad (peace be up him) in Arabia, people could raise their social status and position in society by reciting eloquent poetry. Poetry and the use of words and language was that revered in the society, poetry was the equivalent of our social media today.

It¬†was no coincidence that the Quran was revealed in the highest form of literary excellence which grabbed the people’s attention at that time “And we have not taught him (Muhammad pbuh) poetry, nor is it suitable for him. This is only a reminder and plain Quran”, chapter 36 Ya-Sin, verse 69.

Tweeting, social media and the¬†digital age has given everyone who use them¬†platforms.¬† Before, this was reserved for¬†celebrities only and you had to be somewhat talented but there has been a whole cultural shift with social media and reality TV. This allows everyone to garner a ‘following’, some a very large following and this following is not just reading a persons¬†posts nowadays¬†but¬†buying into their words and even¬†the person, why? I believe this is because there is a massive spiritual void and vacuum going on in people’s lives and social media has now stepped into this vacuum that has been created.

People are lacking in guidance, religious guidance and we need it whether¬†we like to admit it or not.¬†Guidance is being dished out¬†left and right on¬†SM¬†from people’s own whims, desires¬†and experiences on everything from¬†relationships, politics, religion, money, health,¬†the whole shebang and those that are in need are following because words have an affect. Don’t get me wrong there’s¬†some we can definitely take and I always take the good from whomever regardless of religion, sex, race.

Not only that but the¬†people are being revered as someone to ‘follow’ because they are believed to possess qualities that¬†can guide,¬†such as wisdom, confidence, insight, intelligence, whatever, this¬†also creating a massive narcissism because they are believing themselves to be somewhat correct if so many people agree, even if it’s not correct. People are loving and craving attention more than ever now, this is all a knock on effect when something is lacking.

But I still¬†see a lot of people¬†searching for the spiritual, I see them talking about meditation. It is our¬†fitra (natural pattern on which Allah/God made mankind and urged them to follow). We are created to¬†worship the creator and if people don’t they will look elsewhere. People have been doing this with celebrities for decades, following their every word and look, trying to imitate them, referring to them as my “God/goddess”, remember Michael Jackson before he even came on stage to perform people would be screaming, freaking out and fainting, yeah nuts.

There is nothing that can fulfil the void we feel within except for worshipping the creator and having a connection with him. It is the peace and solace that is needed by mankind especially in these times that are fast paced, work centric less family orientated, destruction all over the world fed to our eyes, ears and minds everyday. You cannot find it in material items or these distractions of TV, social media and entertainment that people have turned to to do that.

Let’s not get caught up in other people and personas¬†on social media because of their great use of words¬†and buy into them or the hype of ourselves.¬†Trying¬†to keep up with the latest celebrity/news gossip, chasing after it will make you crave it more, trying to keep in the know will make you want to do it more.¬†People are fallible and a lot of this is entertainment and distraction that we use just to get through our day,¬†keeping us away from the one thing where¬†we will truly find comfort and happiness, worship of the true creator.

So tell me, if you are non-Muslim, what is the purpose of your life?

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